All Enneagram material used with the kind permission of Don Riso, Russ Hudson and the Enneagram Institute.

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1. I've been

    romantic and imaginative.

    pragmatic and down to earth.

2. I have tended to

    take on confrontations.

    avoid confrontations.

3. I have typically been

    diplomatic, charming, and ambitious.

    direct, formal, and idealistic.

4. I have tended to be

    focused and intense.

    spontaneous and fun-loving.

5. I have been a

    hospitable person and have enjoyed welcoming new friends into my life.

    private person and have not mixed much with others.

6. Generally, it's been

    easy to "get a rise" out of me.

    difficult to "get a rise" out of me.

7. I've been more of a

    "street-smart" survivor.

    "high-minded" idealist.

8. I have

    needed to show affection to people.

    preferred to maintain a certain distance with people.

9. When presented with a new experience, I've usually asked myself if it would be

    useful to me.


10. I have tended to focus too much on



11. Others have depended on my

    insight and knowledge.

    strength and decisiveness.

12. I have come across as being too

    unsure of myself.

    sure of myself.